Peeked at my birthday_

It took me 9 months to realize the day of my next birthday.


Remember the time when we were younger, and we always look up the next day of our birthday. We looked up if it’s a Tuesday or a Sunday, and we expect it will hit a class where our blockmates/classmates will greet us or even sing us a Happy Birthday. I always did it, but not this year.

As I flipped the calendar to June, I realized that I don’t know the date for my next birthday. I usually do, but it became meaningless, maybe for the reason that I am getting older and it’s becoming irrelevant, and birthdays are getting cliche.

We make a lot of expectations that will never happen, or just a fraction of it will happen. In the end, we will only frustrate ourselves by not achieving our fantasies. A year is just an Earth’s full revolution around the sun.

We always treat it as a special day, cause it is a mindset in our society that those things must be celebrated. I used to love celebrating birthdays, but now it’s just simply will be another year.

Author: thejohnandpeter

Manila-based Electronics Engineer Graduate. Graphics Artist. Interested in Night Photography. Passionately Curious^^

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